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Yes, it’s a ‘selfie’ because nobody’s ever around when I need them! But am I there for them? Well, yes, yes I am. And you think they could return the favour by taking one stinkin’ picture wouldn’t you?! Sheesh! This is why I write stories about them. Guilt-free.

Joan Doane has been many things in her life, one of which is being noted for producing three beautiful bouncing babies. Deciding not to rest on those laurels and noticing that the three beautiful bouncing babies were being tossed out of leaving the nest at an alarming rate, she launched herself into community connectivity by writing newsletters, building websites and helping to create community action plans. When the community had had enough of her launching herself at them, she took up creative writing.*

A humorist, Joan’s essays appeal to both men and women, those of a certain age and those just making their way there. With a strange, yet compelling rhythm to her writing, she will keep you reading just so you can attempt to figure out how the heck someone can write a story that meanders so much can still bring it to a conclusion. You will wonder if she ever passed a single English class or perhaps slept during the grammar part. If you’re a writer yourself, you will come away from one of her essays feeling great about your own writing abilities.

As a speaker, Joan reads her own work  well, making it sound much better than it actually is. People have been noted to say ‘Wow, that piece of crap you wrote actually sounds okay on stage!”  You might, in fact, want to book her to speak, and maybe not even try to read anything she has written. What you’d like her to speak about is anybody’s guess though. She can probably come up with something but it will probably wander off into the ditch at some point.

Joan is also the proud co-founder of the Georgetown Wordsmiths, a creative writing group in Georgetown, Ontario, that brings together an assortment of personalities and a gamut of genres and offers support and encouragement, a writing exercise or two and always a laugh.


* Joan is, in reality,  still very much active in Northwest Brampton and is proud to be a member of the steering committee for  Brampton Northwest Connects, a volunteer organization connecting people to their community since 2007.