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Are all the stories you tell, true?

Mostly. As I say, ‘True Tales. Told Tall.’ How tall? Some taller than others. Some really not tall at all. Some so true that they make me shudder in my boots.

Do your children get upset that you write about them?

They would have to actually KNOW that I write about them, now wouldn’t they?  If they ever stumble on this website we may be in for a discussion.

Does your husband know that you feature him fairly often in your stories?

Yes. But he doesn’t read any of my work as he doesn’t think it’s funny. Which I think is very funny indeed.

Do your friends like your writing?

Yes. Or they’re not my friends.

What’s with the octopus?

She spoke to me immediately. Not necessarily young, nor spry, kind of dull and gray in fact (me too!), but smiling and happy and she has what I would die for — 8 arms! Oh to be able to multi-task like that!